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Regain your time, your energy and ease of mind!

Ready to work on getting your performance up and stress down? Really getting things done?



During our one-on-one coaching sessions, you will become well-versed at handling your daily tasks and work flow in such a way, that you become more effective and productive.

You'll recognize and learn tools to change 'sabotaging' behavior and unproductive ways of dealing with your work flow, energy and responsibilities.

I use a mix of methods from behavioral change theory and neuroscience,

as well as the book 'Getting Things Done' by D. Allen as basis (I'm however not an official/certified GTD practitioner!).

It is a combination of unique and established methods that combines practical changes on the software you use, as well as in your daily approach towards your tasks.

In other words, it doesn't stay 'theoretical'.


Seeing each other at 3 points of time ensures that you can implement it the optimal way!

This is not one of those usual time management courses, be sure of that.


You'll feel supported when using this system, not put under pressure

You'll also experience stress reduction and more trust in that you are able to handle your workload.

The training is very hands-on; you can make changes straight away, regaining control over your tasks. After the training you will be able to set priorities, arrange tasks by urgency and keep a clear overview. This allows you to keep an eye on the bigger picture (vision, objectives etc).

Participants reported a 20 - 30% productivity gain*.

​​To sum it up, it is a fun and rewarding process where you get the foundation to really get things done. Ultimately, you'll have more time to work (or not work) on stuff that really matters

You'll work to live again, and start every weekend feeling calm and in control.


You get all attention in a 1-on-1 setting, being led through theory and practice.

I make an inventory of your current approach and software/apps. 


After two 3-hour sessions and one 2-hour session (8 hours), you will become

well-versed at handling your daily tasks and work flow in such a way,

that you become more effective and productive. 


We can do the sessions in Dutch, German or English.

*Measured by FlipMonday. You can find more information and testimonials on the Flipmonday website. And about the GTD theory in this research paper.

Personal Effectiveness: Services

Personal Energy Mastery

- the whole picture of managing your energy well

How can you manage stress coming from physical, emotional/spiritual and mind based challenges?
We give attention to these 3 areas - where science meets ancient methodologies. 
Combine the ones that you require most:

Personal Effectiveness: Image
Personal Effectiveness: Testimonials

"Het was een echte ervaring en niet uit een boekje. Dankjewel!"


"De sessie heeft me verder geholpen door inzicht te krijgen in mijn belemmerende krachten en gedragen op een open manier te bekijken. 

Ik vond het heel fijn om met je te praten en dat je met jou eigen ervaring over uit een burnout komen en blijven mij kon adviseren. 

Het was een echte ervaring en niet uit een boekje. Ga zo door! Dankjewel!"


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