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Ready to get your performance up and stress down?  Using your brain optimally?

Manage your energy, not time. Work smarter, save energy and  time!

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For any team or business that is ready for the next step

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1-on-1 sessions for employees, entrepreneurs, stay-at-home's

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For groups, teams and events & people to get 'out of their box'

Productivity: Services
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Get things done, the sustainable way! 
It is about managing your energy, not time. You'll save time by working smarter. 
Enhance your effectiveness and work/life will be more productive and enjoyable.



During the group training or one-on-one coaching sessions, you'll learn  tools to change 'sabotaging' behavior and unproductive ways of dealing with your work flow.

It translates from insights in neuroscience about how to use our brain power optimally.

We will practice the learnt together, so it'll be ingrained in your daily routine.

The method is designed in such way that behavioral change is made easy -

you can implement it as your daily routine right away. 

The training is very hands-on, regaining control over your tasks and agenda.

I use the Master in Time training and 'Getting Things Done' by D. Allen as basis -

it is a combination of unique and established methods that combines practical changes on the workflow system you use, as well as in your daily approach towards your tasks. 

We are the only ones in the Netherlands that train and coach our participants.

Seeing each other at 3 points of time ensures that you can implement it the optimal way!

This is not one of the usual time management courses, be sure of that.


  • You'll feel supported when using this system, not put under pressure.

  • You'll work to live again, starting every weekend and weekday feeling calm and in control.

  • You will become well-versed at handling your daily tasks and work flow in such a way,

that you use your brain power well, consequently becoming more effective and productive. Participants reported a 20 - 30% productivity gain.


After the training you will be able to

  • arrange tasks by urgency, set priorities

  • get an overview of your long term objectives and tasks that lead you there 

  • use a system you can trust that reminds you at the right time of the right tasks. 

​​To sum it up, it is a fun and rewarding process where you get the foundation to really get things done. Ultimately, you'll have more time to work (or not work) on stuff that really matters.


As 1-on-1 coaching and group training.

The group training is limited to 11 participants so attention can be given to all.

The training is build up in two 3.5 hour sessions and one 2 hour session (9 hours).


We can do the sessions in Dutch, German or English.

You can find more testimonials on the Flipmonday website.

And about the GTD method in this research paper.

Productivity: Services


Stress Prevention & Energy Management



Leadership in managing your energy - group coaching

Taking a leading role and owning your energy is the starting point of a healthy energy balance. By knowing what drains and gives you energy, you learnt to use and change your mindset to support you in this. You'll be able to practice sustainable energy management.



Use your brain optimally for sustainable performance

Learn how to increase productivity, focus and decrease stress. You'll leave equipped with tools & facts about how your brain works optimally. Your focus management will pay off in knowing better what is important and how to manage your (brain) energy so you can perform long term.



Get the basics right for heightened productivity

Organize your mailbox and content in such way, that you perceive less stress and gain a calmer mind. Zero email inbox and more structure will be the leading principles in your new approach to get things done.

Productivity: Services
Productivity: Testimonials

"She helped me to restore my confidence and manage my life balance better after only a few sessions!"


I worked with Daniela after a burnout and she helped me to restore my confidence

and manage my life balance better after only a few sessions!

Daniela was professional, calm and backed up her practice with research. The sessions were extremely personal and insightful and completely different than anything I have done before. I want to thank Daniela and wish her good luck ahead.


Personal Energy Mastery

- the whole picture of managing your work & life challenges well. Productivity, or personal effectiveness, depends on how well you know yourself.

How can you manage stress coming from physical, emotional/spiritual and mind based challenges?
We give attention to these 3 factors in the Personal Energy Mastery program.
Combine the ones that you require most:

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