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Professional Profile

As trainer and coach, I've specialized in burnout/stress prevention & recovery, work-life integration, and strategic intervention for topics (international) professionals deal with.                  

Clients come to me from all over the Netherlands, as well as abroad, seeking guidance in their personal and professional goals.


The essence of my work

is to facilitate personal self-growth and create a conscious approach in managing personal energy sustainably, leading to a content, productive and energetic work-life balance. ​ 

This is reflected in the Personal Energy Mastery program I've developed

for businesses and one-on-one clients.

It IS possible to love going to work every day and manage your energy in such a way,

that you get results AND work-life balance.

Three pillars facilitate these objectives:

Coaching, Personal Effectiveness and Yoga. I firmly believe and see results in this synergy.

Combining my insights of the yoga, coaching and business worlds, I am determined to move barriers for companies to provide flexibly work-life balance tools at their own premises.


And also for private clients in one-on-one coaching. I've made it my objective to support people in identifying their personal goals, talents and purpose. And achieving them by learning to cope with the challenges and beliefs that are causing them distress. Such that it allows to take the next step to reach their full potential while maintaining work-life balance. 


​I have been an internationally experienced Business Development and Sales Professional, who worked in the energy market for 7 years. Changing to the Learning & Development area was a step towards my source of energy - I now combine this business understanding, with learning, personal growth and development. I created programs for businesses and private clients.

A switch from business development and sustainability in the energy market

to personal development and sustained energy on the personal level;   

that has been the result of an inward exploration during my ‘quarter life challenge’. 


Out of that, I set up Conscious At Work, a place where I can channel my insights and experience into, share it with other professionals and support people in their work and life, dealing with and recovering of (emotional) stress and preventing burnout.

Combining Science and Intuition

I work by using both my head and heart, with a growth-mindset, since I've noticed it gets me

(and others) the furthest. Science and intuition go along, they complement each other

- more than we like to realize.


How? I tune into the coachee's or group's body-mind information, sensing intuitive, cognitive and somatic information. I take great pride from taking the role as mirror, catalyst and insight-triggerer for my coachees/trainees to become content, connected, conscious human beings.

Extended versions of their best self. This is when I consider myself successful. 



I speak and can hold sessions in Dutch, German, English and Brazilian Portuguese.

Feel free to speak Spanish.


Relevant certificates

​I am continuously following new trainings, courses and workshops to feed my curiosity and get new insights. Though, these are rather to "sharpen the knife" and learn how to structure what I like to do. 

I believe that everyone has their own path to achieve wisdom, knowledge and insights. 

​- Mindfulness & Resilience to Stress at Work, Berkeley University (certified by edX)

- DeUpstarter, Coach & Trainer Certificate

 - Yoga Teacher Training, 200hrs YTC Yoga Alliance 

- Essence Training - Energy/Chakra Balancing and Energy Perception for Professionals

- Strategic Intervention Coaching based on Tony Robbins-Madanes

- Essence Group Leader Training

- Numerous books and articles: please see the books section to get a glimpse of what inspired me in my approach.

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"In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity." - Albert Einstein


"The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift." - Albert Einstein


"Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid." - Albert Einstein


Stop trying to heal yourself, fix yourself, 
even awaken yourself.  Stop trying to Fast-Forward the movie of your life. 

Let go of 'letting go'. Healing is not a destination. Be here. 

Your pain, your sorrow, your doubts, your longings, your fearful thoughts: they are not mistakes, and they are not asking to be 'healed'. They are asking to be held. Here, now, lightly, in the loving, healing arms of present awareness…" - Jeff Foster


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