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"I cannot sport because I need to work."

I've thought that before, you might recognize this, too.

But what if, to concentrate better, make less mistakes and feel happier, you NEED to move /sport? Check out the TED talk by neuroscientist Wendy Suzuki here.

Desk Yoga as break in your work day

I'd say, for white-collar workers especially, taking an hour to sport (or other brain enhancing activities like meditation) should be a non-negotiable part of your WORKING TIME.

Many organizations already offer this possibility for their employees because it IS a known fact by now. Sitting 6 to 8 hrs on a chair, is not what our body and brain like to do. It might go well for a while, but we're here for the long run - so who are you fooling?

Besides, movement also decreases stress (avoid burnout), increases memory and prevents neurological degeneration. That's applied neuroscience, and gut-brain connection (!), in action: MOVE!

For you as employee or entrepreneur

Waiting for your organization to do something about it, is acting in a victim role. Take ownership of what you need to PERFORM sustainably. So, the next time you're doubting if it's ok to have a walk, or someone asks if you aren't working, say this: "I'm making sure my brain can function the way my job requires it to; I'm taking responsibility for managing my (brain) energy, motivation and health."

For you as director of an organization

For organizations, it is time to make employees feel like they get that right and responsibility to manage their own energy and make sure they can perform. Too many times there is guilt connected to taking time for something that seems 'private', but it is an integral part of what is needed for someone using their brain the whole day in their role, aka white-collar workers.

And it isnt just about movement and increasing performance - it is a different mindset, culture, routine and era. We shouldn’t ignore scientific facts, should we? So how can this knowledge be integrated in an organizational structure, examples:

  • 6 hr working days, recognizing we cannot focus 8hrs a day.

  • 8hr working days, where sportive or meditative activities are given a one hour spot three times a week.

  • Organize team movement activities, walking meetings and offer standing desks

  • Install a meditation and rest room where employees can recharge their energy.

  • …and there are many more to think of!

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