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What does it Mean to Live and Work 'Consciously'? And why Coaching?

What does it mean to live ‘consciously’?

And why do I need a Coach?

Living a conscious life is being aware of how you live your life - you take ownership for your behaviour and responsibility for your decisions. Thus, you live every-day life intentionally, and not habitually or reactively. You choose to take care of yourself, so you can perform in your private and work life. You are aware of your strengths and weaknesses, you are self-aware.

Let’s make one thing clear: there is no such thing of two lives, the private and work life. What you experience at home you will take to work and vice versa. We are no robots, we are humans that have emotions, feelings, traumas, needs and desires. They don't stop when you are at work. Likewise, when you take care of yourself and how you feel, it will have a positive effect in all areas in your life. (Yes, you can behave differently with colleagues, friends, family... and that’s another story).

I would guess, that there is rarely anyone in this world, who never has doubted him/herself, been worrying, not feeling joy or feeling lost at some point. And that is okay - you cannot see the light if there is no darkness, you cannot see the starts if there is no night. Though, since facebook has emerged, we are showing only positive pictures, messages, etc., and omitting the difficulties or struggles that came before. I am totally in favour of ‘positivity’, but I am also in favour of being real, true to yourself. If we cannot express our dark sides, we dont feel whole, we seek refuge in short-term satisfaction, like gaming, eating and distractions like TV. Seeking for other ways to express your ‘darkness’ is not talked about and less accepted than the aforementioned ‘quick short term fixes’. But:

It is possible to get support and a guiding hand in those more challenging times, especially when you feel like getting inspiration outside of your day-to-day environment. Advice from a friend is precious but coaching is a dive into the deep, with someone you don’t have any sort of social relationship or expectations with, where an easy talk with a friend (that you have a certain relationship with) rarely can take you.

So why do I need a Coach?

Coaches are easily accessible, non-judgemental and can teach you tools that make life a bit more manageable. They go with you where you want to go, especially these dark places (initially - soon you'll notice how precious they are). They help you get to the insights that you seek, to answer questions that you didn’t dare to ask or listen to.

In the end of a Coaching Circle (normally 3-9 sessions that take you around stages in the circle of a certain challenge), you feel clearer on your objectives, more self-confident about your decision, connected to what you seek and purposeful in your approach.

Seeking out for a Coach and other inward working and processing practices, are a perfectly acceptable way to deal with what you are dealing with. Seeking for support shows strength - you know where to go to when you don't feel able to do it yourself. And everyone may have those situations, cause we aren't all-knowing.

Right now, we are seeing a remarkable surge in public awareness through mainstream media about coaching: People are learning what coaching is, people are recognizing that they want purpose-driven results in their life. Like yoga, life coaching is going from an obscure process that's hard to explain... to something everybody gets intuitively.

Conscious At Work

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