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Why meditation is good for business leaders

Meditation is becoming a daily habit for so many successful people from diverse fields including the business world. One of the most fundamental leadership skills that meditation sharpens, is self-awareness. Below is a quote from a very-well written article which appeared in that may inspire you, for the whole article please check out the link in source.

"So how does it work? What it does is: it reduces the resistance that we give to our own intentions. People will always tell you to listen to your heart but not many will tell you how exactly to do that. You see, the heart murmurs. To listen to it, you have to reduce the noise in your head. Meditation is the answer to that. Most successful leaders do this internally and are constantly listening to their heart. They have to clear the clutter in their mind before they can do that. For all the things their job demands - the ability to focus, concentrate, make good decisions, inspire and influence, meditation enables all that. However, like anything else, it has to come from you believing in it. The belief can form only when you try it a few times. You will slowly start seeing the benefits, especially and uniquely through your own perspective. [...] You will know, as clarity draws in. The actions that spring from the quiet space are authentic and creative. [...] It helps you tune into the solution while the active thinking mind is more connected to the problems and obvious solutions.

Leaders that have been long-term meditators are not only more courageous but they also have slower reaction times to emotional situations. They have learned the skill to pause for that split second to respond to situations and not just react. It leads to improved cognitive functioning, creative thinking, and productivity. Even improved physical health is an added benefit."

Source: By Bhavna Dalal, March 2018

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