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The Psychology Of Projection: 8 Feelings We Transfer Onto Others

For the ones who feel pensative about themselves today... Have some issues that keep on coming back? You recognise a pattern that limits you but you just can't face it? Well. Better start facing the underlying reasons earlier than later, you're not the only one, so let's get started!

Projection: appears to be effective in defending our minds against pain, but there are two fundamental problems with this psychological element.

First, it makes us feel superior to everyone else because it allows us to overlook our own faults and inadequacies. And thus it fails to address the underlying feelings in yourself, where it actually originates from. And it gives us a false impression and false expectations of other people. We fail to see all the good in people, because we are too busy examining their flaws.

"The second issue with projection as a defense mechanism is that it fails to address the underlying feelings themselves. As long as we continue to deny the existence of these feelings, there is no mechanism that can help us to tackle and overcome them. It is only when we accept they are a part of us that we can begin to work through them and eventually rid ourselves of them altogether.

The first step is, as you’d expect, the hardest one to take because it effectively invites pain upon yourself. Yet, until dealt with, this pain is always present, and while you may not feel its full effect when it is being suppressed, it contributes to an unease that never quite leaves you. When you are capable of facing unwelcome feelings head on, you’ll find they are far less draining or damaging in the long term."

You might find great value in talking to a psychotherapist or coach who is trained to spot and gently tease out things that we might not immediately be aware of. They can help to bring these issues to the surface where they can be examined and dealt with.

[edited from below source and link]

Source: A Conscious Rethink, 2016

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