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Prevent Stress & Recover Your Energy

During a burnout, most feel the steering wheel has been taken out of our hands - small tasks can be the most energy-draining. The most important to us, is to get better and have 'control' and be ourselves again. Life throws many surprises at us, and while we cannot predict the outcome of any situation, we can take control of how we respond to certain situations, as well as steer our actions towards more satisfying outcomes.  


During my coaching sessions, you’ll learn to take back control and steer yourself towards a more balanced, meaningful and energetic state. You'll learn to recognize and to deal with triggers and stress factors. You'll get to your own insights that empower you to reach your objectives without draining yourself. My job is to give you the tools and techniques to achieve a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle.

In addition I advise to follow dietary/supplementary changes. We're working together with Charlotte Wiering, an orthomolecular therapist who complements the mental and emotional work we do, with the physical support. I've seen that a combination of these two is the most sustainable (and fastest!) approach. Feel free to contact her directly, or read her burnout article for more information and tips.


Depending on your objective(s) and degree of stress, we'll work in 6 - 12 sessions over 6 to 16 weeks, where you will become well-versed at handling the challenge you came to me for. 

I also offer a burnout prevention module in form of workshops, for private and business clients. 


We can do the sessions in Dutch, German or English.

See below a few TESTIMONIALS from past coachees or on the Testimonial link for more.

Burnout Coaching: Services

Personal Energy Mastery

- the whole picture of managing your energy well

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Burnout Coaching: Testimonials

"Het was een echte ervaring en niet uit een boekje. Dankjewel!"


"De sessie heeft me verder geholpen door inzicht te krijgen in mijn belemmerende krachten en gedragen op een open manier te bekijken. 

Ik vond het heel fijn om met je te praten en dat je met jou eigen ervaring over uit een burnout komen en blijven mij kon adviseren. 

Het was een echte ervaring en niet uit een boekje. Ga zo door! Dankjewel!"


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